Director Of Product Marketing

Each year, more than $30 billion is invested in corporate communications, publicity and public relations. However, the challenge with the communications industry has always been the lack of credible metrics, much less the ability to measure how these investments map to quantifiable business outcomes. Intuitively we all know that PR works, but until now the industry has lacked a reliable compass and the data to prove its effectiveness and justify the investment.

Onclusive is a marketing analytics company revolutionizing the communications industry with data science. We have developed the first technology platform for measuring and optimizing the true ROI of Communications and PR efforts. Our analytics software uncovers data about PR’s direct connection to business metrics, revealing which articles, authors, influencers, and messages drive engagement and deliver actual revenue. The result is real-time, actionable metrics that matter.

Position Scope

The Onclusive marketing team is responsible for growing the company brand, positioning our products to the right customers, generating demand, and enabling our sales team to drive revenue. 

We are seeking a highly motivated product marketing executive with a passion for data and software who can translate the Onclusive value proposition into content that resonates with senior Marketing, Communications and PR professionals.This individual will be responsible for connecting our product strategy to the appropriate sales and marketing tactics.


  • Oversee the development of our product marketing playbook, including positioning, packaging, and ideal customer profiling
  • Capture and synthesize market intelligence from buyers, users, competitors 
  • Understand and document our buyer’s evaluation and decision-making process, including where they get information, and the who, what, when and why behind the decisions they make
  • Assess the effectiveness of our product marketing programs and report back to the business on results and required changes
  • Plan the launches of net-new products and releases of existing products, and manage the cross-functional implementation of the plan
  • Understand and support our sales channels through training, education and the creation of marketing collateral, presentations and case studies
  • Create and publish various thought-leadership content, including case studies, webinars, blog posts and whitepapers


  • Highly motivated and results oriented
  • Ability to develop detailed marketing plans and manage to timelines and budgets
  • Quantitative and analytical with exceptional ROI-tracking skills
  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Creative and design abilities
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Strategic thinker
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Enthusiastic and energetic team player
  • A strong understanding of the communications industry


  • Required: minimum 5 years experience in business-to-business product marketing 
  • Required experience: data services, software products, marketing technology, marketing analytics
  • Direct experience working with communications / PR teams

About Onclusive

According to Nielsen, earned media is the most trusted way for a company to tell its story. We believe this is what makes communications the most powerful form of marketing. The problem is, this hasn’t been proven consistently and continuously. Our mission is to elevate the communications industry through real-time measurement, optimization, and attribution.

Onclusive is headquartered in Silicon Valley, at the heart of global technology innovation. We offer competitive compensation packages, as well as a number of perks and benefits including health insurance, reimbursement for public transportation, reimbursement for gym memberships, happy hours, and snacks. And the company caters and reimburses for lunch Monday through Friday.