How do agencies use Onclusive?

In today’s data-driven environment, agencies are feeling more pressure from clients to report on metrics that matter to their brand. It’s no longer enough to track the number media pitches and report on coverage. Rather, clients often want to know if press coverage or influencer blogs lead people to their website, or to take some other sort of action. Simply put, clients want to know that if they are spending thousands of dollars a month on PR, then they can see some sort of solid ROI. While our Trends and Workspace products help support front-end PR activity, it’s the Reporting product that helps agencies showcase their value.

How do brands use Onclusive?

Brands use Onclusive products in every aspect of their strategy: from the idea phase to content strategy and socialization, to reaction and measurement, to refinement and iteration. Onclusive allows brands to gain insights, measure reputation and earned media effectiveness, prepare for crisis, understand owned media effectiveness and ties PR efforts back to the bottom line through PR attribution and demand generation.

What is PR Attribution?

PR attribution is understanding the performance of a piece of earned or owned media through its impact on bottom line metrics that are specific to your business. Put even more simply, PR attribution shows how PR efforts are helping a company achieve its business objectives.

What is PRTech?

PRTech, like AdTech and MarTech, refers to the technologies used to measure and gain insights into campaign effectiveness. The PRTech ecosystem includes companies that help communicators make sense of big data, drive content and distribution strategy, and measure effectiveness of efforts.
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