Real-Time Delivery of Raw Data

Tap Into The Largest Communications Data Set

Onclusive operates the largest media crawler in the world, which captures millions of pieces of earned, owned, and newswire content every day across every geographic region and language. Onclusive has now stored more than 6 billion pieces of content over the past decade, making it the largest communications content data set on the planet.

Our Data, Your User Interface

By tapping into the world’s largest digital newscrawler you can flexibly import, analyze, and visualize our media monitoring information with your own reporting environment. Utilize our AI and NLP enriched structured data metrics to demonstrate the results you’re driving for your customers. Organize the information according to your specifications, and merge it with other data streams to create a fully unique dashboard.

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We will connect with your systems and deliver the media results in the format that best suits your needs. Whether it be a direct API which dynamically queries our database, a pre-scheduled data export to an FTP, or a continuous RSS feed of search results, our DaaS solution can easily accommodate your needs.

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quote Geff Scott CEO at Business Wire
Onclusive shares Business Wire’s view that analytics across multiple channels are key to understanding the true impact of your content. We believe that adding Onclusive’s data to our reporting tools will provide a comprehensive measure of press release impact.