Essentials Media Monitoring

Powerful, Scalable, Cost Effective

Essentials Media Monitoring

Essentials is the perfect solution for agencies and small businesses who are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable solution to monitor your own, your clients, and your competitors’ media coverage.

Proven, Core Metrics

Essentials delivers the day-to-day metrics that every business needs. Digital media coverage volume over time, competitive coverage stats, share of voice over time, and social media amplification are all reported in real-time.

Monitor Brands, Topics, Keywords

Essentials searches the Onclusive newscrawler database for any keyword or combination of keyword inclusions and exclusions. These can be “brand” searches which reveal metrics about your company and its competitors, or “topic” searches which inform what stories, themes, and soundbytes are trending in the media.

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Article Analytics

Review, sort, and filter yours and your competitor’s articles based on date, publication name, article title, author, social media amplification rate, publication reputation, geography, and language.

Scales For Your Needs

Essentials supports five users and five concurrent searches. Additional access levels can be purchased as an add-on. Up to 500 articles will be returned per page, providing a large volume of media coverage for your analysis.

Cost Effective, Incredibly Powerful

While Essentials taps into the largest digital content database on the planet, it is priced for businesses of any size, making it one of the most cost-effective media monitoring tools in the market.

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Kelsey Beekley Corporate Communications Manager, Proteus Digital Health
By having credible data on what worked, we improved performance by 3x on half our media budget


2018 Global Media Report

The media landscape has never been as expansive as it is today. The explosion of digital, social, blogs, and influencers has increased the number and types of outlets that are publishing content by many orders of magnitude. News and information has been utterly democratized, and it is no longer the case communications and PR teams can rely on a handful of journalists and a small number of publications to get their stories out.

To fully understand the media growth trend, Onclusive analyzed over 1.6 billion pieces of content published globally during the calendar year of 2018. The numbers tell a story of a media ecosystem that continues to expand at an accelerated rate, and an ecosystem that is becoming increasingly democratized by a “long tail” of lower tier publications.

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