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Greg D'Andrea

Senior Director, Customer Success & Insights
Greg has been implementing and managing global media measurement programs for nearly two decades. Beginning his career as a media analyst, he immersed himself in the data and honed his skills at recognizing trends and writing analysis reports for C-level audiences. More recently, Greg has worked on the insights side of customer success, consulting large, multinational organizations within multiple industries including tech, pharma, finance, NGOs and retail. Greg has a true passion for helping PR professionals reach their strategic goals. He holds both an undergraduate and master's degree in communications.

Resources by Greg D'Andrea

Blogs  / September 7, 2021

Implementing a comprehensive content distribution plan

In this week’s blog about earned media strategy and measurement, we’re talking about developing and implementing a content distribution plan that uses every opportunity to showcase your stories in front of your key audiences.  First things first: determining the best…

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Blogs  / August 3, 2021

Setting the right earned media objectives for your brand

Earned media content is king when it comes to building brand reputation—your biggest brand asset. And while in the past there have always been clearer metrics around paid and owned media than earned media, that’s changed with the industry shift…

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Blogs  / June 9, 2021

Data-Driven PR Campaign Planning: Part 2

Welcome back to our blog series about data-driven PR campaign planning! This week, we’re concluding the series with an overview of how to craft your messaging, identify the right authors and outlets, distribute strategically and proactively, and finally, measure success.…

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Blogs  / June 2, 2021

Data-Driven PR Campaign Planning: Part 1

An impactful PR campaign can attract positive media attention and influence brand awareness, reputation and sales for your brand for years to come. However, to generate that level of clout, PR campaigns require more than just a press release, media…

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Blogs  / March 11, 2021

3 Reasons Why PR Measurement is The Most Important Part of The Job

In this blog series on Growth PR, we examine why you should begin formulating your PR analysis program right now. There was a time when communication professionals only measured the effectiveness of their media efforts when they absolutely had to…

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