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Lauren Bauch

Marketing Manager
Lauren Bauch is the Marketing Manager at Onclusive where she focuses on content creation, campaign execution and demand generation. Lauren has shaped her career by focusing on B2B marketing strategies and working with a number of industry-leading suppliers in the private and public sectors. Lauren received a bachelor's degree from Penn State University and her Master's from Belmont University. She enjoys skiing, hiking and yoga.

Resources by Lauren Bauch

Webinars  / Webinar Date: March 18th, 2021

News Release Benchmarks for the Technology Industry

Onclusive & Business Wire Team Up to Identify Characteristics of a Winning News Release In a first-of-its-kind research study in 2020, we analyzed press releases across two dozen industries to better understand syndicated pick-up, social media engagement, and editorial coverage.…

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Whitepapers  / March 17, 2021

The Complete Guide to Building an Impactful Relationship with your PR Agency

A successful communications strategy is the driving force behind building trust among all of your stakeholders, enhancing your corporate reputation and establishing your company as a leader in your industry. A strong PR agency that aligns with and understands your…

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Webinars  / Webinar Date: March 25th, 2021

Webinar: The Growth PR Playbook

It’s been quite the year for PR professionals. We get it. Public Relations teams are focused on campaigns that are based on data-driven, real-time, iterative storytelling with metrics that help to manage crises, get ahead of the competition, and accelerate…

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Case Studies  / February 24, 2021

Why The Equilar Communications Team Moved from Cision to Onclusive Pro

When Equilar, the leading provider of corporate leadership data solutions, came to Onclusive for help, the communications team had been struggling with accurately and efficiently tracking media mentions at target publications, compiling dashboards to measure and report on their efforts,…

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Case Studies  / February 16, 2021

SMG Connects the Dots Between Content Marketing and Business Outcomes

In the past, the SMG Brand Marketing team wasn’t necessarily excited to share reports with the business, and the metrics SMG reported on rarely helped enhance content strategy. In working with Onclusive and using our Enterprise platform, SMG has improved…

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Whitepapers  / February 8, 2021

The Executive’s Guide to Building and Leading an Impactful Communications Department

Strategic communications holds the keys to your biggest brand asset—your corporate reputation. However, all too often there is a disconnect between executive leadership and communications departments. Communications’ contributions may get lost in translation, making them vulnerable to budget and headcount…

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Webinars  / Webinar Date: February 25th, 2021

The Complete Guide to Building an Impactful Relationship with your PR Agency

This webinar focuses on how to build a strong relationship between your PR agency and your brand. We discuss examples of relationships that worked as well as ones that did not, while highlighting best practices. In this session our panelists…

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Blogs  / January 28, 2021

Our Customers are Shaping the Future of Media Monitoring – Here’s How

Technology is an increasingly important part of running a business today. The right technology stack is crucial across almost all aspects of operations. However, choosing that technology is not always easy. Business leaders need to make sure that whatever platforms…

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Blogs  / January 5, 2021

Knowledge is Power: Media Monitoring and the Bigger Picture

One of your brand’s most valuable resources is your reputation. Media monitoring is a must-have for successful PR and communications professionals. You need to be in the know about all of the media coverage around your brand, your competitors, and…

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