Raj Sathyamurthi

Onclusive co-founder and chief technology officer. Builds the brains behind PRTech tools.

Resources by Raj Sathyamurthi

Blogs  / October 26, 2017

Integrated PR & Marketing Measurement Begins with Business Goals

CMI’s Robert Rose discusses the challenges and benefits of building an integrated measurement plan   Truly creating a comprehensive integrated communications and marketing measurement plan is a challenge for virtually every brand and company. This week, Onclusive hosted the webinar,…

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Blogs  / October 18, 2017

Building an Integrated PR & Marketing Measurement Plan

New Onclusive Webinar Explores How to Measure True Multi-Channel ROI We live in the age of the integrated marketing campaigns. Instead of sending a single email or posting a blog, companies leverage a myriad of tactics to drive their message:…

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Blogs  / July 19, 2017

The How and Why of PR Attribution™

Most marketers are obsessed with attribution—and with good reason: not only are they being held accountable for campaign performance, but they’re also on a mission to continually optimize that performance. More and more, that applies to PR, as well. PR…

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