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Strategic Advisor for Onclusive. Swears by measurement. Challenges the status quo. Recharges with good books.

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Blogs  / May 10, 2018

9 Ways To Up Your PR Game

Tools and skills you can’t live without from today’s leading PR minds. Whether you’re working in-house at a startup or running your own shop, you’ll discover one fundamental truth about PR: It’s changing faster than ever. These shifts include everything…

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Blogs  / July 6, 2017

How Brands Benefit From Exuding Real, Human Emotion

As public relations professionals, we like to lament over fake news and how it’s misguiding people. While fake news is indeed the bane of journalism, everyone in business has, at some level, fabricated something. In other words, we can hide…

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Blogs  / June 28, 2017

Here Are the 6 Facets of Effective PR and Marketing Reporting

Monstrous file sizes, misguided statistics, focusing on tactics instead of outcomes and insights… The ways in which we can deplete the quality of our work when sharing PR and marketing results are vast. And for busy C-suite executives, reviewing a…

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Blogs  / May 24, 2017

Why It’s Hard to Measure PR in the First Place

Our in-house data scientist, Fletcher Stump Smith, spends his days building machine learning models that identify news articles relevant to Onclusive customers and predict the business impact of those articles. In layman’s terms, Fletcher’s work allows us to solve a…

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Blogs  / May 10, 2017

Public Relations Job Trends in Tech and Beyond

There’s a laundry list of myths about public relations jobs, one of which is that PR jobs are glamorous. My coworker Rachel Berk explained this well: “Sure, we attend some high-brow events, tech conferences can be thrilling, and every once…

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Blogs  / April 26, 2017

The Most Powerful PR Metrics According to 5 PR Influencers

While there isn’t a surefire answer to how to inspire world peace or peel a hard boiled egg in just one sweep, there are a few things I think we can all agree on: when it comes to measuring the…

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Blogs  / April 19, 2017

Storytelling at a Massive Scale

Telling an early-stage startup story is fairly easy… Co-founders Jane and John Smith raised $20 million for their AI-powered application that does X, Y, and Z. They employ a team of 50, have 1,000 customers, and have earned more than…

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Blogs  / March 8, 2017

5 Quick Tips and Tools for Today’s PR Professional

One of the most exciting things about the current state of the PR industry is the vast amount of tools and solutions that are now available to us. Here are a few class-act tools and clever tips that will give…

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Blogs  / February 22, 2017

How to Find the Right MarTech and PRTech Solutions

Now that marketers are taking PR more seriously in terms of its ability to generate top-of-funnel leads and drive valuable brand awareness, the MarTech ecosystem has come to include PRTech solutions too. Yay for us! PRTech is no longer a…

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