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Sean O’Neal is President of Onclusive where he oversees sales, marketing and business development. For 25 years Sean has been building marketing technology businesses and has held executive positions at Sony, Nielsen, The Daily Mail, and others. O’Neal has served on IAB committees, sits on several advisory boards, and is a frequent speaker and editorial contributor for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, South by Southwest, Advertising Week, and others. As a former CMO who has led multiple Communications and PR teams, O’Neal brings a unique perspective of the challenges facing the industry today and how to apply technology to meet those opportunities. Sean received his degree from Northeastern University and completed the Leadership Development Programme at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Resources by Sean O'Neal

Blogs  / December 28, 2021

State of The PR Industry: A Look Back at 2021

As a data science company, Onclusive is known for our unique and unexpected insights from comprehensive media monitoring and PR Attribution™. Our data collection and analysis doesn’t end there—we also survey the industry’s most experienced communicators and business executives during…

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Blogs  / November 17, 2021

Using media monitoring and social listening for PESTLE analysis

Welcome back to our blog series about managing corporate reputation with PESTLE analysis! This week, we’re wrapping up the series with a look at sentiment monitoring, social listening and trend tracking as an essential part of the process. Sentiment monitoring…

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Blogs  / November 10, 2021

How to manage corporate reputation with PESTLE analysis

In this blog article as part of our managing corporate reputation with PESTLE analysis series, we are diving deeper into the “how to” of the PESTLE process and best practices for communications pros to keep in mind. While there are…

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Blogs  / November 4, 2021

PESTLE analysis: a new tool for your PR toolkit

Welcome back to our blog series about managing your corporate reputation with PESTLE analysis! This week, we’re doing a deep dive into what PESTLE includes, and why using it in your communications strategy can help you and your brand win.…

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Blogs  / October 7, 2021

Journalist Relationship Management For More Media Placements

Not all media contact and outreach tools for communicators are created equal. While an accurate and comprehensive media database is the first cornerstone to growing your brand presence and reputation, you also need a robust relationship management platform to send…

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Blogs  / October 4, 2021

Get Ahead With the Most Current Media Database in the Industry

Media relations is one of the PR team’s essential functions, and having access to a reliable and accurate media contact database is a must in today’s dynamic environment. With millions of reporters, influencers and bloggers out there, it’s increasingly important…

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Blogs  / July 13, 2021

How to Make your Messaging Stick

Would it be valuable to understand how your messages get amplified on social media and drive website actions? How about to see whether your competitors are using identical or similar messaging? NEO™ Messaging can give you that insight by tracking…

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Blogs  / July 7, 2021

Why Message Optimization is Key to Brand Success

All organizations communicate their vision and product value, but not all communications efforts are effective. Successful brands put a lot of thought into their messaging, how they want to deliver those messages and through which channels, and how they want…

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Blogs  / February 17, 2021

A roadmap to impactful collaboration with your PR agency

Working with a PR agency can help you better understand your market, expand your network of valuable connections, bring in fresh ideas and extra resources, and, as a result, run a more successful communications operation. We’ll discuss how to select…

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