Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer

Onclusive Co-Founder and CEO. Former hockey player. Forever analytics enthusiast.

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Blogs  / April 12, 2018

Interview Series: CMO of UL Discusses How PR & Content Marketing Are Evolving in 2018

Kathy Seegebrecht is SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for UL (Underwriters Laboratories). She joined UL in 2015 and is responsible for brand and marketing strategy, communications, public relations and crisis management, corporate social responsibility, events, customer experience, digital marketing and…

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Blogs  / December 6, 2017

How AI Can Help Your PR Strategy

Better Decisions Begin with Data and Artificial Intelligence Even now in its early stages, artificial intelligence (AI) is positioned to change the way we do business forever. CEOs understand this as well. Business leaders specifically believe AI is going to…

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Blogs  / November 16, 2017

The Truth About Earned and Owned Media Attribution

Understanding the facts about media attribution & the ROI of Growth PR Many PR software companies claim to be able to measure the impact of Earned Media. Unfortunately, understanding what technologies can truly measure the ROI of your efforts can…

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Blogs  / October 10, 2017

Onclusive Software Launches New Version of Onclusive Analyst Platform

New features include a fully customizable dashboard with unlimited widgets, competitive analysis, broadcast monitoring, & TrendsTM Since 2012, Onclusive Software has provided PR and content marketing professionals with reporting and analytics that actually matter to the C-Suite and core stakeholders.…

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Blogs  / October 3, 2017

Brand Awareness: It’s All About Content

CMOS and CEOs Sound Off on the Essentials for Getting Buzz and Building Your Brand Awareness More data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. Millions of blog posts…

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Blogs  / September 20, 2017

Demystifying PR ROI

MarTech forever changed the way that marketers work, what they report as success and how they do their jobs. PR professionals and communicators, however, have not, as a whole, significantly changed how they measure their success. CMOs and CEOs are…

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Blogs  / August 30, 2017

Attribution: The Most Valuable Tool PR Pros Aren’t Using

Attribution is the lifeblood that keeps a PR department thriving and off the chopping block. This article is your introduction to pairing the art of public relations with the science of measurement to impact your business.

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Blogs  / June 14, 2017

What Happens When PR and Marketing Mesh

In a perfect world, public relations and marketing teams would work together more often to achieve common goals. But let’s be honest: we’re all fighting an uphill battle in reducing organizational drag, and not everyone needs to be in your weekly…

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Blogs  / May 18, 2017

The 7 Surprising Super Powers of PR

Historically, PR has been a bit of a black box in terms of how much it “helps.” That’s because the success of a PR campaign has been incredibly difficult to measure with any accuracy, until recently. We now have access…

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