Blogs  / October 26, 2016

2016 PRTech Awards Recap

by Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer

Last week in New York, we held the third annual PRTech Awards honoring individuals who work to bring together PR, marketing, technology, and media. These individuals were selected from 100+ nominations.

For the last half decade, PR software providers have built technologies around third party data from web crawlers, social media sites, TV and radio broadcasts, and print media. Some PRTech companies have become overburdened with data and some have begun to consolidate. Today, a new wave of PRTech companies is coming forth.

Data is empowering the PR industry to refine content, extend reach, and prove value. Reporting on that data provides key audience insights for campaign planning and content production. Now is the time to harness the power of technological innovation to propel PR even further.

Enter Tae Hea Nahm, co-founding managing director of Storm Ventures. In SaaS/marketplaces, he has invested in marketing and revenue generation (Cloudwords, EchoSign/Adobe, Engagio, Marketo/IPO, and Scripted). At this year’s PRTech Awards, Tae Hea was interviewed by Gary Belsky, columnist at Money Magazine, to discuss why he invested in Onclusive.

Gary Belsky interviews Tae Hea Nahm at the 2016 PRTech Awards

Tae Hea is a seasoned investor. He has incubated and hired the founders of AireSpace/Cisco and MobileIron. He recruited and funded Storm EIRs, including Jason Lemkin, founder of EchoSign, and Ilbok Lee, founder of Silego.

In a marketplace saturated with “me toos”, PRTech stands out as leading in measurement and analytics, with a strong pace towards AI. “Automation is key,” said Tae Hea. “We live in a time with not only tremendous amounts of data that overwhelms us, but we’re also responsible for making business decisions around that data.” The mission is to organize that data and allow proprietary technology to provide automation and insights to marketing and PR professionals.

With technologies that allow for more validation and measurement for PR and branding, marketers can measure the outcomes of their various outputs and connect them to business goals and revenue.

It’s an exciting time in the PRTech space and we’re excited to partner with experienced investors like Storm Ventures.

The PRTech ecosystem is quickly expanding with a plethora of tools to help communications professionals do their jobs better. Hopefully you’re taking advantage of these tools.

What’s in your PRTech stack?