The Executive’s Guide to Building and Leading an Impactful Communications Department



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Strategic communications holds the keys to your biggest brand asset—your corporate reputation. However, all too often there is a disconnect between executive leadership and communications departments. Communications’ contributions may get lost in translation, making them vulnerable to budget and headcount cuts. Achieving organizational success requires executive participation in building the corporate communications strategy, and without this cooperation, aligning goals will prove challenging.

In this whitepaper, we discuss how executives can better engage with their communications departments and ensure the department’s KPIs are aligned with company goals. You’ll read insights from both executive and communications professionals on engagement best practices and how to lead a successful corporate communications operation.

Download this whitepaper to read about:

  • The purpose and contribution of the communications team to organizational success
  • The c-level executive’s roadmap to building and leading an impactful communications team
  • Best practices for defining the optimal scope and budget for communications
  • The critical importance of setting SMART communications goals aligned with business objectives
  • Measuring KPIs (key performance indicators) tied to the purpose, goals and, ultimately, tangible business outcomes