Blogs  / January 6, 2015

Have a cow, no seriously…

by Rebekah Iliff

One of my favorite go-to phrases in PR consultant-land was always: “You can’t put lipstick on a pig.”

Translation: “Hey, listen buddy, if you have a crappy product, a less than stellar website, and missed the market trend by more than two years, ain’t no press in the world gonna save you now.”

And yes, I was channeling my inner Tina Turner just now.

As we launch into 2015, I’d like to offer you a new way of thinking about PR, along the lines of doing awkward-type things to poor unassuming animals.

I proudly present:

You see the cow has always been one of those dependable, non-fussy animals. It just lazes around and grazes quietly, minding its own bidness. But it gives us amazingly necessary and yummy things like milk, and cheese, and beef – if you’re into that kind of a thing.

No one really ever notices zhee cow.

But throw a sexy horse mane on it and watch out Black Beauty! All of a sudden that homely beast comes to life and says: “I am to be taken seriously, looked at adoringly, and finally noticed for all of my many many attributes, including my overly exposed teats.”

So in 2015, let’s be cows with horse manes shall we? Let’s be practical and steady and produce great work…but let’s also remind everyone how udderly sexy and significant we are. And let’s milk it for all we can.

Here’s to embracing new paradigms, as weird and off-topic as they may seem.

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