Blogs  / July 23, 2014

Killer content: 6 newsletters not to be missed

by Team Onclusive

Admit it. You receive at least one email a day that gets you all giddy. Maybe you’re inspired by quirky copywriting or maybe those tips on how to metamorphose social content into conversions gave you something cool to share at your last marketing meeting. Don’t be shy —we all gain inspiration from somewhere.

Here, I invite you into my personal closet full of content crushes. Sign up for their newsletters, read their blogs like juicy tabloids (often and fanatically), and reap the rewards of being informed by some of best in the business.

Without further ado, I bring you 6 newsletters content marketers should sign up for right now:

1. For cream-of-the-crop copywriters: Copyblogger.

This blog is all about how to streamline your content creation, measure success, and storytell in a way that’s both authentic and branded. From how to spice up bland text to “The 5 Things Every (Great) Marketing Story Needs,” Copyblogger shares the ins and outs of words that work. The best part? The content is stripped dry of overused jargon. It’s straight-forward, quality content about well…content!

2. For marketers with multiple hats: HubSpot.

If the quotes of the day don’t get you, the unique post angles will. See “The Introvert’s Guide to Inbound Marketing Success” or “Three Lessons Learned from Katie Cotton, Apple’s Departing PR Boss,” HubSpot touts a hearty mix of marketing content helpful to anyone who is the keeper of the keys to multiple roles (hello, startup folks).


3. For the curious: Brain Pickings.

Created by writer, Maria Popova, this ad-free online digest is a delightful mix of thought-provoking essays, reflective works, and more. Read an article about the dynamics of workplace friendships (accompanied by storybook illustrations), or a poetic debate about science and art (sprinkled with stacks of inspiring pull-quotes). This online magazine, and its newsletter, is a feast for any content marketer looking to redefine how they talk about a subject. It’s also the best way to start your Sunday.

4. For witty wordsmiths who want to rock at email marketing: Zillow.

This online marketplace for real estate nails content. Not only is their team creating and sharing the right kind of tips and how-to posts (essential things that every homeowner should know), but they’ve also reinvented (or perhaps invented) how to truly excite an audience about home ownership and real estate. Get a load of the email Zillow’s team curated using a photo of the prize room in this 5-bedroom Victorian home in Maine:


5. For the news guru on the go: Quartz.

This mobile-friendly news outlet shares top stories from around the world. Scroll through headlines if you prefer absorbing via text or browse articles by images if you’re a more visual person. Article topics range from economics to lessons-learned-style pieces by some of the most influential people in the world. The Matters Of Debate section is a personal favorite and has become my defacto cocktail conversation starter.

6. For a little extra inspiration: Gapingvoid.

Think of cartoonist/author Hugh MacLeod’s blog as a happy place for professionals who both appreciate art and are seeking the occasional motivational nudge. Sign up for his newsletters for a daily dose of kooky cartoons accompanied by inspiring words — artwork that MacLeod describes as, “Motivational art for smart people.” He truly believes that business culture should be more informed by art. Why is this a great case study for content marketing? The content has a mission, practical purpose, and people are genuinely delighted by it. Can you ask for anything more?


I’ve only begun to scratch the surface with these recommendations when it comes to companies who absolutely slay content. Got a different personal favorite? Disagree with one of my recommendations? In the mood for shameless self promotion of your company? Hit us up! → @AirPR