Blogs  / November 10, 2013

Top 22 “unsexier things” than PR big data

by Rebekah Iliff

In Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Hills, and Silicon [insert any global tech region I may not be familiar with], big data is all the big rage.

As a founding team member for a company now selling a big data product (Onclusive Analyst), I’ve been forced to come to terms with my lack of immediate enthusiasm for this term that seems as elusive as it does overhyped.

For me, it was on par with hookup dating apps.

PR big dataWhat does the “BIG” mean exactly?

Does it mean “a lot”? As in: “Wow, you have A LOT of data.”

Does it mean that when I envision this data I should be thinking about really really, physically large numbers? Like the biggest number three I could possibly imagine.

Or does it mean important? As in: “Whoa…your data is a really big deal. Huge.”

Regardless of its roots (I should have just Wikipedia’d it), I know one thing for a fact: it’s very unsexy.

Perhaps the only thing unsexier than saying “big data” is when you slap the term “PR” in front of it. I mean, talk about a buzz kill. That’s the tricky thing about building technology in an industry that hasn’t seen innovation in over a decade. Don’t get me wrong – we are doing a series of things to sexify PR – but it’s going to take some time.

Standby though. Our engineering team is really getting into it.

During these “sexifying of PR” brainstorms, it dawned on me that we definitely aren’t at the bottom of the barrel. In fact, I found at least 138 things most people would find much unsexier than PR big data.

To prove my point, I will now divulge the Top 22 things (out of 138) that are unsexier than PR big data:

#1 – Aluminum extrusions

#2 – CEOs with big egos

#3 – Weird mustaches on guys unless it’s “Movember”

#4 – Man-cleavage

#5 – Non-Virgin America flights

#6 – Accidentally texing a boy: “I’m going to the gyn” instead of “gym”

# 7 – People who think they’re cool because they know other people who they think are cool

# 8 – Bad kissers

# 9 – Not opening doors for girls

#10 – Taking credit for things other people obviously did

#11 – IT Security

#12 – Constantly checking your phone during a dinner date

#13 – Name dropping

#14 – Talking to your cat in a baby voice

#15 – Talking in a baby voice, period

#18 – Shutting down the government

#19 –  Many “isms” such as: Racism, Sexism, Plagiarism, Terrorism, Egoism, Gymnobiblism

#20 – Saying “I need you to sign an NDA” when it’s just an idea and you have $73 in the bank

#21 – Being rude to waiters

#22 – Rush Limbaugh

Am I right?

I’d love to hear your additions to the list…or even better…your thoughts on the future of PR big data aka analytics.

In all seriousness…big data does provide an important and necessary opportunity for the PR industry to evolve and grow. Without data it will continue to be an uphill battle for budgets and proof of PR efficacy.

Let’s get into it.