PR’s about-face and the future of content marketing



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Ahhh, post-holiday brain mush. ‘Tis going to be a fun week.

The past few weeks I’ve been torturing enlightening you with media relations best practices. Or shall we say “arguably” best practices, because they are and always will be up for argument. That is, until PR becomes the equivalent of performing a root canal. There’s only one right thing to do: get that sucker out.

If you missed these media relations posts, you can go here to learn about embargoes, here to find out the Top 5 PR don’ts, and here for tips on how to pitch the press.

This week, we turn our attention to yet another important aspect of the PR machine: content marketing. A recent trend has PR pros taking responsibility for creating and pushing out thoughtful, insightful, engaging content on behalf of their clients. In the [very near] future, content marketing is likely to surpass…wait for it….traditional media relations.

You should be excited about this!

Thanks to our friends at PR Daily, we’re going to give your brain a rest – which means you don’t have to read and process a thousand words. You can just look at this pretty infographic below. If you want to read the associated article, head on over to PR Daily.
State of Content Marketing