Blogs  / October 19, 2012

PR Controversy: Bees in the Bonnet

by Rebekah Iliff

After the funding announcement on TechCrunch, we had some interesting reactions (to say the least) to our news. Below are our top 5 favorite tweet-threads from the launch. What is it they say? All press is good press?

Stephanie Smirnov ‏@ssmirnov
Cue righteous indignation of PR ppl who feel they aren’t broken >
@cassieboorn:Air PR Nabs $1M to fix PR industry

Brandee Barker ‏@brandee
Onclusive, 1) ANY advisors IN PR? 2) good PR is a party in NY? to which no
one I know was invited, 3) sourcing OK, but how is quality vetted?

Sylvie Tongco ‏@SylvieT
Hmm PR “platform.” You mean consultants? Onclusive Nabs $1M To Help
Startups Find Better PR http://tcrn.ch/VEHlXg

Amy Ziari ‏@aziari
So basically this is a headhunter for startups to find PR firms. Why
form a “startup” for this vs. consulting

*Conversation between TechCrunch writer Ryan Lawler and some folks…

Ryan Lawler ‏@ryanlawler
@davezatz Mostly agree. But also see lots of worthy startups struggle
due to shitty PR, w/little understanding of what to do better @sohear

25 Sep Ruth. ‏@baznet
@ryanlawler @davezatz @sohear Shitty PR – I’d love to define that in
the context of Onclusive. Shitty PR team? Shitty results? Not always same.

25 Sep Ryan Lawler ‏@ryanlawler
@baznet Well, by providing marketplace dynamics w/ratings and
accountability, wheat could get separated from chaff @davezatz @sohear

25 Sep Ruth. ‏@baznet
@ryanlawler @davezatz @sohear I can also think of ways it could be
seemingly ‘gamed’ so I’m skeptical. Klout-ish. But I’m hopeful.

25 Sep Ryan Lawler ‏@ryanlawler
@baznet I dunno. Real ratings from real clients? The thing that’s
missing in PR is accountability. I see the same firms fuck up over &
25 Sep Ruth. ‏@baznet
@ryanlawler It’s just (like how social media impacted the business of
PR) PR will now have to dedicate resources to following up on Onclusive.

Peter Himler ‏@PeterHimler
Love it when non-PR people claim to know how to “fix” our business.
http://tcrn.ch/RfQgNV Introducing Onclusive. (@techcrunch)

Looking forward to the continued discussions and conversations about the platform, and we stand firm in our belief that PR could use a lil’ good old-fashioned disruption.