Blogs  / January 22, 2015

A Case of the PR Funnies

by Rebekah Iliff

Sometimes being serious is just so…well…boring. And while it is certainly necessary to wax poetic and pontificate about important things like PR Measurement and the future of this fun lil’ industry of ours, once in awhile it’s even MORE important to get in a good laugh between pitches, memos, strategy meetings, and the laundry list of other things that fall into the “un-fun but necessary to do my job” category.

This week, I would like to bring 3 specific funny-slash-entertaining things to your attention. You may already know about them, and if so, humor me and at least share the blog post. ‘Cuz it’s good stuffs.

#1 – If you haven’t seen this website, go here immediately. It’s either a complete joke or the most brilliant PR move I’ve ever seen. In other words…PR becomes markedly easier if you launch something like this. Read the “Buy Now” section in particular. It is likely to leave you howling.

#2 – With all of the bad PR around police behavior lately, for whatever reason that I still don’t fully understand, the Dover Police Department released this video a few days ago. It’s already gotten over 18M views. Again, not really sure of the exact purpose other than letting criminals know “hey we’re really friendly and probably preoccupied jamming to Taylor Swift so we will care less about petty crime than the average municipality” – but hey, I’m all for it. Sheer brilliance.

#3 – There is perhaps nothing better than parodies about PR girls. This has been circulating for awhile, but worth a watch if you have an extra 2 minutes.

BONUS: If you’re into podcasts, and funny people interviewing other funny people, check out The Nerdist podcast.

Now that we’ve lightened your load for a few, get back to work! And if you have any other “funnies” please pass them our way (@Onclusive) so we can work it into the next round.