Blogs  / March 5, 2014

PR Hack: February Retrospective

by Rebekah Iliff

Ohhhh, so much March Madness happening!

Tech, music, film (SXSW), basketball (NCAA championship), Irish things (St. Patty’s day), CMOs getting cozy (Adobe’s SUMMIT) and probably a few other random things I’ve missed.

But before we jump the gun and get all excited about the next 25 days, please enjoy our February 2014 PR Hack, where (much like the Oscar Awards for 2013 are given in 2014) we report February news in March.


PR Hack February 2014

Data Driven Marketing Landscape

3 Winning PR Moves

Is It Spin

  • Jack Dorsey goes rogue. Is his radio silence a barometer for his company’s health or merely a much needed hiatus from the public eye?

PR really really don't

  • I’m all for making connections between holidays and initiatives for PR purposes, but IMHO “Meatless Monday” took it a wee bit far with this campaign in conjunction with Carnival and Mardi Gras. Dontcha think?

In Case You Missed It

  • Jimmy Fallon replaced Jay Leno on The Tonight Show and has been churning out killer spots ever since. This little gem is just the tip of the late night iceberg.
  • Marc Jacobs took pop up stores to the next level by only accepting social currency (tweets, Instagrams, etc.) in exchange for goods. MJ handbag for 140 clever characters? That’s an exchange economy we can get behind!

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