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What I learned about PR while staring at Helen Mirren

by Rebekah Iliff

One of the best albeit ironic quotes I ever heard was during the Costume Guild Awards in 2007, (where I may or may not have been sitting two feet away from Helen Mirren, staring at her roughly 50% of the evening)…

“If the costume design is great, you never even notice it.”

The same can be said about PR. Unless the campaign is an epic fail or some politician has (yet again) done something inane, the term “PR” is rarely uttered or brought into the conversation.

It’s important to take the time to applaud the “PR WINS” that are often overlooked because companies are busy getting all the praise – assuming PR has done its job.

This week we kick off our monthly “PR Hack”, which provides a digest of sorts, highlighting important trends and celebrating some of the best PR moves we’ve culled from the month. We’ve also added some things we hope you find entertaining.

Let’s get to it!

PR Hack
Data Driven Marketing PR Landscape

  • IBM released a 70-page CMO study providing timely insights into the importance of data literacy. We boiled it down to 7 pages. Enjoy! AND you’re welcome.

3 Winning PR Moves

  • Tonx Coffee rocked a caffeine-fueled program offering an alternate use for prolific Starbucks gift cards. Coffee ubiquity be damned!
  • In an inspired PR stunt inception move, BuildDirect one-upped Amazon’s drone parody. Much laughter ensued.
  • A double win for Dell this month:
    #1 They rolled out this new ad campaign celebrating the #humblebeginnings (note: not #humblebrags) of some of the most notable entrepreneurs of our age.
    #2 They spearheaded an entire pilot program in the recently rolled out in The New York Times. From now on, we’re watching this particular native ad space VERY closely.

Is It Spin

PR Don't

  • Trying to figure out how to properly tout success without over extolling your virtues? Here’s 3.5 x 2 inches of how NOT to do it.

In Case You Missed It

Have anything to share? We’re scouring the web, picking the brains of the smartest folks we know, and ultimately looking out for things impacting the PR industry. Pass any news or inside info along to leta@airpr.com and you may just make into the monthly PR Hack.

TIP: We like snark, funny, savvy, clandestine, and trending in no particular order.