Blogs  / November 5, 2013

PR Measurement quiz: this could make you really rich

by Rebekah Iliff

PR Measurement QuizIn celebratory celebration of the rolling press launch for our newest product, Onclusive Analyst (PR Analytics = oh good I can see what’s working), which will continue over the next week – assuming the Twitter IPO doesn’t completely steal our thunder (GRRRR!) – I thought it would be entertaining to post a very serious PR Measurement Quiz.

This PR measurement quiz is the culmination of over a decade of PR experience and is based on the input of nearly 1,000 PR professionals, marketers, and clients – give or take.

This quiz will take you less than a minute to fill out. If it takes more time than that, call me and I will point you in the direction of a very talented therapist who is adept at helping overly-analytical-slash-anal-retentive people become less so.

[Here are the Top 5 unofficial signs that you may fall into the above category]

I took the quiz already as evidenced by the accompanying image. This is a pretty cool “carrot” to incentivize you to take the quiz. Furthermore, when you possess a certificate of your own, you can rest assured that you are completely qualified to measure PR.

Go forth!