Blogs  / August 24, 2015

The PR Optimization Pie

by Team Onclusive

Ever have one of those late afternoons where you stop to take a breath and realize your desk has become a complete disaster area in the past week? Yeah, that was me last Friday around 5:50pm.

Since most everyone else had left for the weekend, I decided to take advantage of the peace and quiet and go on one my infamous Soza cleaning rampages which typically involves a whirlwind of Clorox wipes and an anal-retentive reorganization of our snack shelves.

During my desk disaster relief efforts, I happened upon a fascinating little doodle penned by my inimitable Chief Strategy Officer, Rebekah Iliff. Rebekah’s desk bumps right up against mine, so it’s no surprise when documents co-mingle.

This particular drawing was too good not to share, especially since it totally parodies Ann Friedman’s hilarious pie charts. Take a look:

PR Optimization Pie

Rebekah and I constantly talk about how important time management is, particularly in the lives of busy PR pros. But we also know all-too-well how easy it is to find yourself hyper focused on one or two things while other important facets of being a well-rounded professional go neglected.

The real challenge, as visualized above, is striking a balance…and committing to that balance. This means blocking off time in your calendar for stuff that typically gets pushed to the wayside and it means recognizing that if you’re always executing, you won’t have the time for insight mining or dot connecting.

We don’t live in an ideal world, but we do have a lot of say in how we spend our time. Might I suggest taking a page from the Notebook of Iliff and turning a critical eye to how your workflow aligns (or doesn’t align) with the above PR optimization pie?

If any of these slices are missing from your day-to-day (particularly the 6% where you drink wine), your work wheel might need a little rejiggering to ensure you are indeed spending your time wisely and not missing key opportunities.

Being a PR pro is so much more than the volume of output you deliver and sometimes, we all need a simple, hand-drawn pie chart to remind ourselves of that.

Got another slice of the pie you think is muy importante? Please comment below or tweet your thoughts to us! We can never get enough PR optimization tips.