Blogs  / October 21, 2013

PR in less than 150 words

by Rebekah Iliff

genius at work title written with chalk on blackboardToday I woke up around 3:30 a.m., my body still adjusting to west coast time after spending a couple of weeks over yonder in New York. We’ve been eating, breathing, and [clearly not] sleeping AirPR to the max over the past 60 days…all in prep for our impending press launch.

Stay tuned.

But in the mean time…

This, yes this, is what was rattling around in my head as I woke up at that God-forsaken hour. Not thoughts of a handsome man lingering around. Or thoughts of the shoes I’m going to buy to complete my fall wardrobe. No, no. It’s all work, all the time.

That being said, I hope you enjoy this little PR POE-EMMM.


There once was a man from Nantucket

Who wanted PR but said “Fuck it.”

There’s a book on my shelf

Says I can do it myself

Has a press release template too!


There was once a gal from Odell

Who wanted some press but said “Hell.”

I have a great site

Those journos will bite

How hard is it really to do?


There was a young ‘trep from Kapit

Who thought “PR, I don’t need that shit.”

But his product was crap

And that was that…

So now they’re all running to you. (and by you, I mean PR person in case that isn’t clear. 3:30am)


But there was a young starlet from Shrine

Who knew that PR would take time

So she hired a pro

For six months or so

And she’s getting what I’d call value.