Blogs  / March 10, 2015

Tech Talk With Sir Mix-A-Lot

by Rebekah Iliff

I get a lot of email. Like, A LOT. My team often teases me that my inbox and calendar look more like an anti-productivity war zone than the carefully color-coded, organized chaos it actually is. There is a method to my madness, people!

Back in January, I received an email that basically made my year, thus far.

“Would I be interested in chatting with Sir Mix-A-Lot ahead of SXSW 2015?” Uh, does a bear sh*t in the woods?

Mixalot02Did any of you know that the “Butt Guy” (as he lovingly refers to himself) is a self-proclaimed tech dork AND a huge proponent of the power of convergence? I mean, it’s like we nerd soul mates or something.

So after some careful orchestration among the very adept and very thoughtful PR folks from SXSW, I got to sit down for a solid chat with Mix. That’s what I call him now, cuz we’re cool like that.

I wasn’t EXACTLY sure what I was getting myself into, but then again – that’s the way I like it. Jumping head first into a potential pile of steaming cow dung, hoping my parachute will open up at some point before I hit the ground.

Needless to say, we had a blast and his publicist emailed me later saying he thought the interview was…and I quote caps and all: “F@CKING AWESOME.” Lucky for you, I did record the entire thing for your listening pleasure.

Editor’s note: There is some content that has been bleeped out, so be forewarned. And he says the F-word approximately 68 times, but it’s entirely contextual.

Here’s just a taste of what The Real Mix served up and some of the highlights of our candid conversation:

  • Baby Got Back’s roots actually lie in racial and social commentary, not sex (it was a serious song about women of color)
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 2 favorite 4-letter word expletives (because every one needs to expand their adult vocabulary)
  • His thoughts on the convergence of tech and music (hint: there’s a lot of opportunity and the consumer has never been more empowered)
  • Why Apple is just a giant record label (this guy is not afraid to call a spade a spade)
  • Why he views music as connected content and why a one-and-done mentality equates to irrelevancy (hmm…that sounds familiar)
  • 2 of his biggest failures during his career (pro tip: be wary of dried fruit)
  • Where real wealth resides (it’s not where you think)
  • His favorite tech buzzwords (do you sprechen sie geek?)
  • Who inspires him (besides Ice-T)
  • Why he’s pumped about his first visit to SXSW and what he’ll be focused on accomplishing in Austin

Have 45 minutes? Check it out the interview now (or download it for a hilarious listen on your next flight!) and make it a great day.

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