Blogs  / February 13, 2014

The Ultimate Public Relations Love Song

by Rebekah Iliff

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

In homage to St. Valentine and his cherubic, winged partner-in-crime Cupid, we’ve rewritten a classic L-O-V-E tune for all the PR peeps out there.

This new improved version of this classic love song is the perfect way to express admiration, adoration and general appreciation to your fave journalist. Without them, where would we be??? Bonus: they will likely love you right back which is always great for, ah-hem, relationship building.

So sit back, unwrap some chocolate, and figure out which lucky media contact will be on the receiving end of your heartfelt serenade.

I personally will be singing this to Rip Empson of TechCrunch tomorrow at 10:30am PST.


PR love song

To be sung to the tune of L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole:

Tweet to us @AirPR and let us know which journo will be feeling your PR love with a love song or other form of affection on Valentine’s Day!