Kellogg’s: Seamlessly Monitoring Media Coverage across Seven Markets




About Kellogg’s 

Kellogg’s is an international household name and multinational food manufacturer, producing some of the world’s most loved cereals & snacks since 1922. The brand’s purpose is to ‘Create better days and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted food brands’, which supports its overall vision of ‘a good and just world where people are not just fed but fulfilled.’ 

The challenge 

With Kellogg’s reaching such vast audiences across Europe, it’s essential for its comms team to:  

  • Have a constant & holistic view of Kellogg’s’ brand mentions, & sentiment around those mentions, in the media across seven European markets in (almost) real-time.  
  • Proactively monitor the response to local comms activities & large Environmental, Social & Governance stories & campaigns.  
  • Listen & react to relevant news themes as they arise & respond accordingly, whether to proactively capitalize on news opportunities or monitor potential crises.  
  • Understand the impact of the team’s PR & Comms efforts in its highest priority publications and channels in each market.  
  • Have an integrated solution for media monitoring and evaluation as well as a pan-European media contacts database.   

Strategy, Approach, & Results

Download the full case study to see how Kellogg’s’ European Communications teams integrated Onclusive’s comprehensive media monitoring & PR Manager Platforms to:

  • Meet the challenges outlined above,
  • Effectively manage brand reputation in the media,
  • Optimize communications strategy.

Why Onclusive? 

“As our team grew across Europe, we needed more from our monitoring partner. Onclusive was the most successful in terms of what they could offer, they could make cost savings, & we had great chemistry with them. No problem is too big or too small, they always come with a solution to everything we need. I think that’s what was missing with the old partner – we were constantly facing the same problems and getting no solution.”

Global Communications Manager, Kellogg Company, Dublin  


Download the Full Case Study