Blogs  / April 5, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Kiva’s Powerful Earned Media Strategy

As director of customer success for a PRTech company, I work hand in hand with some of today’s most innovative brands to help them overcome today’s PR challenges. Since these challenges are not limited to the Onclusive community, we’re kicking…

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Blogs  / October 19, 2016

Why ‘Ghosting’ Is the Scariest PR Faux Pas

Disappearing into thin air or “ghosting” on a friend, stranger, or blind date with whom you have plans is one thing. But vanishing on a colleague or professional partner is a whole different kind of scary that can really chip…

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Blogs  / July 20, 2016

How to Avoid Overpolishing Code and Communications

  As a programmer, I often have a difficult time releasing my code. I always want to fine-tune it until it’s perfect, although, as programmers know, that’s usually nearly impossible given the pressing deadlines and priority shifts that can, at…

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Blogs  / June 8, 2016

Universal Truths About PR

In life, there are certain universal truths that exist. If you’re waiting for a call and go to the bathroom, the person will call when you go. Or, when looking diligently for something, you can never find it. No matter…

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Blogs  / July 9, 2014

PR’s real name: Relationship & Communications Marketing

For all the time, effort, money, resources, brainpower (shall I also mention frustration and coffee?) put into defining PR, I have come to believe it boils down to one thing. Well, technically two: relationships and communication. More specifically, the PR model…

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Blogs  / April 15, 2014

4-Part Guide for Interview Preparation in a Pinch

You’ve reviewed the 7 Signs You’re Ready for PR and landed an interview with star business reporter after chatting them up at a networking event. Giggles dispersed, you now come to terms with the part that makes you panic: They…

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Blogs  / April 15, 2014

Spin May Suck, But Gini Dietrich Rocks

Have you ever had a moment in time where you’re thinking “wow, I’m on top of the world, I really know my $h!t” only to have your ego (rightly) deflated after a serendipitous brush with someone who, in actuality, is…

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Blogs  / April 8, 2014

How PR is like sailing

Early this morning I sat on a dock in the Sausalito bay near my house and watched – not the clouds roll in, but rather – three elderly gentlemen go about their morning boat routines. One was probably 80ish years…

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Blogs  / April 1, 2014

PR Hack: March Replay

In case you were too busy last month doing one of the following… #1 – tending to client antics #2 – chasing journalists around #3 – attempting to disconnect only to find that (ironically) a phone call or email you’ve…

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