Blogs  / August 10, 2016

How to Use Data to Ensure Content Success

Earlier this year, I was a guest on the #DigitalPR Twitter chat in a conversation focused on the use of Big Data by public relations professionals for content success. The first question chat host Sally Falkow asked was whether or…

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Blogs  / March 8, 2016

Up Your PR Game Using BuzzFeed’s Measurement Mindset

I read an article in Fortune recently titled BuzzFeed: Days of Counting Pageviews and Unique Visitors Are Over that made my PR engineering heart jump with joy. In the piece, media-and-tech-beat writer Mathew Ingram examines how BuzzFeed is shifting from…

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Blogs  / February 11, 2016

Romancing the C-Suite: How to Communicate Results That Resonate

Do you remember the first time you reported PR results to a C-suite executive? With sweaty palms, a beating heart, and just enough adrenaline to make you trip over your words, it’s really not that different than being in love,…

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Blogs  / February 1, 2016

What Ephemeral Content Means For Our Relationships

A Shutterfly study revealed that although Americans are snapping more photos than ever, they’re failing to share and look back at them. Based on the study, Americans now take more than 10 billion photos every month, but only one in…

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Blogs  / November 19, 2015

Reverse That PR $H#T

For decades, PR has been *relegated to a position that oft leaves us “last to know first to blame.” *dismissed, made to feel inferior, downgraded, lower in rank/status But now, ladies and gents, the tides are a’shifting (not sure what…

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Blogs  / March 4, 2015

Creating Content Google Loves

A couple weeks ago I had the express pleasure of meeting up with Sally Falkow, founder of Meritus Media, at the PR News Google Conference in San Francisco. Because I’m like, totally mature and non-competitive, and a rather supportive and…

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Blogs  / October 9, 2014

Medium: A Peek At The Blueprint Of Publishing’s Future

On June 25th, Medium announced the hiring of Steven Levy, longtime technology writer at Wired, to be the editor-in-chief of an unnamed technology site associated with their platform. Back in April 2013, Medium acquired Matter. The publisher has since become…

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Blogs  / September 29, 2014

Dell, OneSpot, and AirPR on the New PR/Marketing Frontier

This week we bring you a guest post from Dell’s managing editor, the incomparable Ms. Stephanie Losee. Ms. Losee has been leading the brand journalism/content marketing charge for quite some time, so it only seemed fitting that we turn her…

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Blogs  / July 23, 2014

Killer content: 6 newsletters not to be missed

Admit it. You receive at least one email a day that gets you all giddy. Maybe you’re inspired by quirky copywriting or maybe those tips on how to metamorphose social content into conversions gave you something cool to share at…

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