Blogs  / August 14, 2013

Digital Marketing is the science. PR is the art.

A few weeks ago I had the elitist pleasure of joining a slew of folks much brighter and more accomplished than I at Dell’s #InspireHouse in the Hamptons. I was met at the door by a very sweet Ellen Kampinsky,…

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Blogs  / June 4, 2013

Journalists: it’s about them, not you.

The chasm between your company story and the journalists that are going to care about said story is wide. So wide, in fact, that to make the leap across you must fundamentally understand what you are asking them to do.…

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Blogs  / April 24, 2013

The value of PR: what do podiatrists, glaziers, and plumbers have in common?

Sometimes the content gods do a little magic and enlighten you to information that seems almost too good to be true. Case in point: yesterday I received this article from PR Daily in my inbox, the short of which went…

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Blogs  / March 28, 2013


In light of the subject matter below, compliments of, I have only one question: What rules have I broken? And yet…this leads me to more questions: Is this journalism, bloggism, or lazy content distributionism? Or is it simply repurposing…

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Blogs  / March 1, 2013

PR launches “4A” PR campaign

In what seems like a move of sheer, brazen nepotism, today I bring you the wonder that is Ted Iliff. In tight circles, he is more affectionately known as “Cousin Ted”. Or as my friend and colleague Kristen deemed him…

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Blogs  / February 7, 2013

Entrepreneur Media’s Kara Ohngren talks startups, PR, and journalism

In the words of my dear friend and founder of Astrsk PR, Elliot Tomaeno: “This is the future, and we’re living in it. So deal with it.” This was his [indignant yet charming] response to a discussion we recently had…

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Blogs  / January 10, 2013

Gary Belsky talks journalism, PR, and telling stories

Connections are funny. And whether we want to believe it or not our personal, physical, soul connections are what make the world go-round. This is an easy thing to forget in our hyper-connected, tech-driven, amped-up world; but it’s absolutely true.…

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