Blogs  / June 10, 2015

Rick Liebling On The Power of 3: PR + Social + Tech

It’s been said that three is a magic number and when you stop to think about it, some of the best things in life really do come in 3’s. Three-piece suits…three little pigs…three sheets to the wind…ok, maybe not that…

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Blogs  / May 5, 2015

6 Marketing and Sales Tactics to Avoid Like the Plague

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, there’s nothing worse than having your time wasted. A lot of frustration can occur as a result of others’ carelessness and disregard for your busy schedule and crowded inbox. Many sales and marketing professionals continually…

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Blogs  / July 30, 2014

Beyond the SEO rigmarole, welcome to NEO™

This week, in completely un-Onclusive fashion, we are going to talk about ourselves ad nauseam. Well, not really about ourselves but about something we are pioneering (which may even be more self-involved and gross) called NEO™. News Engine Optimization. I am…

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Blogs  / July 23, 2014

Killer content: 6 newsletters not to be missed

Admit it. You receive at least one email a day that gets you all giddy. Maybe you’re inspired by quirky copywriting or maybe those tips on how to metamorphose social content into conversions gave you something cool to share at…

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Blogs  / June 6, 2014

PR + Technology = PRTech…Are you in?

Public Relations + Technology = a tricky relationship that typically incites two reactions: 1. Irritation by PR professionals who will argue – to the death – that public relations can’t be automated. They are partially right. They are partially wrong. No one…

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Blogs  / May 20, 2014

Airing PR’s Dirty (Data) Laundry

Let’s be honest. In an era when even the most challenged of industries are employing data-driven decision making, there’s no reason PR shouldn’t be able to catch up. As media mongers, we’ve long relied on vanity metrics to prove our…

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Blogs  / April 15, 2014

4-Part Guide for Interview Preparation in a Pinch

You’ve reviewed the 7 Signs You’re Ready for PR and landed an interview with star business reporter after chatting them up at a networking event. Giggles dispersed, you now come to terms with the part that makes you panic: They…

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Blogs  / April 15, 2014

Spin May Suck, But Gini Dietrich Rocks

Have you ever had a moment in time where you’re thinking “wow, I’m on top of the world, I really know my $h!t” only to have your ego (rightly) deflated after a serendipitous brush with someone who, in actuality, is…

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Blogs  / April 8, 2014

How PR is like sailing

Early this morning I sat on a dock in the Sausalito bay near my house and watched – not the clouds roll in, but rather – three elderly gentlemen go about their morning boat routines. One was probably 80ish years…

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