Blogs  / June 6, 2014

PR + Technology = PRTech…Are you in?

Public Relations + Technology = a tricky relationship that typically incites two reactions: 1. Irritation by PR professionals who will argue – to the death – that public relations can’t be automated. They are partially right. They are partially wrong. No one…

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Blogs  / April 15, 2014

4-Part Guide for Interview Preparation in a Pinch

You’ve reviewed the 7 Signs You’re Ready for PR and landed an interview with star business reporter after chatting them up at a networking event. Giggles dispersed, you now come to terms with the part that makes you panic: They…

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Blogs  / April 1, 2014

PR Hack: March Replay

In case you were too busy last month doing one of the following… #1 – tending to client antics #2 – chasing journalists around #3 – attempting to disconnect only to find that (ironically) a phone call or email you’ve…

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Blogs  / March 27, 2014

When in doubt, say it with a GIF

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I say: In a world where lengthy emails reign supreme, it behooves us all to recognize just how much a single image can convey. If storytelling is at the core of PR,…

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Blogs  / August 1, 2013

PR evolution. This is happening.

After spending two days at the #SFPRSummit listening to countless, intelligent humans in the following areas… Journalism Public Relations Social Media Relations Marketing Communications ….discuss the current challenges faced by the PR industry while offering predictions around imminent changes, 3…

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