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Blogs  / November 4, 2015

3 Keys to the Virtuous PR Cycle

When it comes to PRTech, there are two key components to achieving success in this new world order: Technological investment and human capital. The problems tend to arise when PR loses sight of the human component and only focuses on…

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Blogs  / May 12, 2015

The PR Measurement Challenge

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Imagine trying to invent a light bulb with a match. Or cure malaria with a rampant mosquito. The “problem” with PR has…

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Blogs  / April 27, 2015

PR’s Past, Present and Future as told by Sally Falkow

When it comes to PR prowess and expertise, there are not many individuals who possess both in droves like Sally Falkow. As president of PRESSfeed and one of the industry’s leading minds on new technology and digital PR, Ms. Falkow…

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Blogs  / October 17, 2013

Porter Gale talks Virgin America, Networks, Marketing, and PR

I have often thought, as I stand in line head directly to the Virgin Terminal at SFO: “Life would be perfect if everything felt like Virgin America.” This is not a joke. These words have actually crossed my mind. I’m…

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