Blogs  / April 8, 2014

How PR is like sailing

Early this morning I sat on a dock in the Sausalito bay near my house and watched – not the clouds roll in, but rather – three elderly gentlemen go about their morning boat routines. One was probably 80ish years…

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Blogs  / April 1, 2014

PR Hack: March Replay

In case you were too busy last month doing one of the following… #1 – tending to client antics #2 – chasing journalists around #3 – attempting to disconnect only to find that (ironically) a phone call or email you’ve…

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Blogs  / March 27, 2014

When in doubt, say it with a GIF

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I say: In a world where lengthy emails reign supreme, it behooves us all to recognize just how much a single image can convey. If storytelling is at the core of PR,…

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Blogs  / March 19, 2014

How integrating data fuels Optimizely’s potent PR

This week, The Holmes Report cited us in a post entitled: Are PR engineers the next big ‘thing’? Growth hackers and data scientists step aside puuhleeease. As fortuitous but somewhat strategic luck would have it, the journalist also cited Helen Phung of Optimizely…

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Blogs  / November 26, 2013

Why we should say “thank you” to PR pros

Publicists, like politicians, are an easy target for haterade gulpers and scorned skeptics; and frankly, I totally get it. Both suffer from “death by association.” Meaning, the bad ones seem to magically rise to the top and ruin it for…

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