Blogs  / January 2, 2014

What search tells us about the PR narrative

Woot! It’s 2014, so let’s get to it. This year, our company goal (in addition to increasing sales #obviously) is to continue the conversation around how we can collectively increase the profile, productivity, and ultimately performance of the PR industry.…

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Blogs  / December 19, 2013

What Beyonce and Lady Gaga have taught us about public relations

*Full Disclosure: This blog may or may not have been written while bumping Beyoncé’s new album from start to finish. Last Friday reigning pop queen Beyoncé dropped her newest album on the world sans fanfare. Conventional music marketing wisdom would…

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Blogs  / December 10, 2013

PR stunt inception: BuildDirect responds to Amazon’s drone storyline

Last week, in light of Anchorman’s “live newscast” going viral and Amazon’s “drone delivery” story trending #everywhere, my editor at Inc. asked if I’d be interested on riffing on the idea of PR stunts for my next article. OBVIOUSLY! I’ve…

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Blogs  / November 20, 2013

Hacking Hammerling: what this tech PR queen bee gets right

A few months ago, after writing this blog post bemoaning an Inc.com article about how simple it is to do your own PR, I received this tweet from Brooke Hammerling – who is quite well known in tech PR circles. There…

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Blogs  / October 21, 2013

PR in less than 150 words

Today I woke up around 3:30 a.m., my body still adjusting to west coast time after spending a couple of weeks over yonder in New York. We’ve been eating, breathing, and [clearly not] sleeping Onclusive to the max over the…

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Blogs  / October 10, 2013

Top 10 PR insights from tech marketing pioneer Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey Moore keynote @Onclusive Talks event Geoffrey Moore has made the understanding and effective exploitation of disruptive technologies the core of his life’s work. Currently a Venture Partner at Mohr Davidow, he serves as an advisor to many of the…

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Blogs  / October 3, 2013

Quantitative and Qualitative walked into a bar

Last week we kicked off the rolling, invite-only, stealthy, somewhat clandestine launch of our next product, which measures the ROI (aka assumptive value) of PR unlike any other solution on the market. [Watch our video to learn more]  As part…

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Blogs  / August 14, 2013

Digital Marketing is the science. PR is the art.

A few weeks ago I had the elitist pleasure of joining a slew of folks much brighter and more accomplished than I at Dell’s #InspireHouse in the Hamptons. I was met at the door by a very sweet Ellen Kampinsky,…

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Blogs  / August 6, 2013

The myth of DIY PR (and why I yelled at Inc.com)

There are two particular things in life that make my blood boil to a point where I actually start having hallucinations: #1 – People who can’t commit to anything fully and who often use words like “try” “should” “possibly” and…

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