Blogs  / December 10, 2013

PR stunt inception: BuildDirect responds to Amazon’s drone storyline

Last week, in light of Anchorman’s “live newscast” going viral and Amazon’s “drone delivery” story trending #everywhere, my editor at Inc. asked if I’d be interested on riffing on the idea of PR stunts for my next article. OBVIOUSLY! I’ve…

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Blogs  / October 3, 2013

Quantitative and Qualitative walked into a bar

Last week we kicked off the rolling, invite-only, stealthy, somewhat clandestine launch of our next product, which measures the ROI (aka assumptive value) of PR unlike any other solution on the market. [Watch our video to learn more]  As part…

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Blogs  / August 6, 2013

The myth of DIY PR (and why I yelled at Inc.com)

There are two particular things in life that make my blood boil to a point where I actually start having hallucinations: #1 – People who can’t commit to anything fully and who often use words like “try” “should” “possibly” and…

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Blogs  / July 16, 2013

7 hot tips for maximizing the value of media coverage

Generally speaking, there are fewer things I despise more than conferences. The only thing I despise more than conferences is, well, specifically…PR conferences.  Mostly because I find them filled with stuffy corporate communications folks who are still trying to figure…

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Blogs  / July 8, 2013

PR’s about-face and the future of content marketing

Ahhh, post-holiday brain mush. ‘Tis going to be a fun week. The past few weeks I’ve been torturing enlightening you with media relations best practices. Or shall we say “arguably” best practices, because they are and always will be up for…

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Blogs  / June 26, 2013

He said, she said: don’t embargo my love

Few PR related topics get more “love” than the ever-controversial, ever-confusing, ever-take-it-or-maybe-leave-it embargo. That’s right, the word whose original meaning was a “partial or complete prohibition of commerce and trade with a particular country” was [for some reason] adopted by…

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Blogs  / May 17, 2013

How to use “breadcrumbs” to tell a better story

Here in Silicon Valley it’s easy to get caught up in the tech-hype-vortex-bubble. This 4 sided beast includes everything from ad nauseum discussions about pedigree and educational background to a belief system which often rewards high potential above high performance. Throw in…

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Blogs  / March 28, 2013


In light of the subject matter below, compliments of MeredithFineman.com, I have only one question: What rules have I broken? And yet…this leads me to more questions: Is this journalism, bloggism, or lazy content distributionism? Or is it simply repurposing…

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Blogs  / March 21, 2013

How to avoid being a networking doooosh

It’s hard to remember a time the name Heather Meeker wasn’t synonymous with the burgeoning L.A. tech scene and the network required to get through its door. In fact, when I first started dipping my toe in the tech PR…

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