Competitive Intelligence

Knowing The Opponent Is The Key To Victory.
PR competitive intelligence

A Digital Spyglass

Knowing which strategies are working for your own company is the first step. Understanding which strategies your competition is executing, and what is working versus not working, is the key to winning. Our proprietary technology gives you unparalleled competitive insights that go beyond share of voice, and reveal which strategies are driving the most social media engagement and Power of Voice™ for your competition.

Newsjack The Competition

Classic “newsjacking” helps companies get ahead of the wave of general news. But by quickly spotting the stories that are driving actual impact for your competition, you can insert yourself into those conversations before your competitors are even aware of the opportunity. Our proprietary metrics help you see their successes even before they do, giving you the ability to overtake their story.

PR Aikido

The ancient martial art of Aikido focuses on using your opponent’s energy against them. This same practice can be applied to public relations. Our proprietary global sentiment analysis reports the tone of any company’s media coverage as positive, neutral, or negative. Measuring the sentiment of your competitors’ articles can give you the ammunition you need to take advantage of key themes that may be working against them.

Nothing Is Static

Benchmarks like share of voice and Power of Voice™ are not fixed. Some weeks you are on top, other weeks your competition may be gaining ground. By tracking both the quantity and quality of your media coverage against your competitors over time, you will get the most complete picture of how your brand is performing in the market.

Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
In addition, using Onclusive’s message optimization tool, NEO Messaging™, we are looking at the key messages and terms that are driving the most website traffic and actions. For example, ‘research’ is one of our key differentiators, so we track it very closely. So far, we’ve learned that if we only looked at message pull through, we would have deemed ‘research’ and ‘DNA testing’ to be the top performing sound bytes, while in fact the terms ‘study’ and ‘genetic testing’ generated more business impact with less pull through.

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