Investor Relations

Accurately Account For What’s Happening In The Media.

Track The News That Matters

In order to deliver the most relevant updates to the broadest set of stakeholders, management must keep tabs on the latest news about their industry, their company, their partners, and their competitors. Tap into the world’s largest newscrawler to get real-time insights and alerts and stay one step ahead of the trends.

Reporting For Every Stakeholder

In addition to public and required disclosures, periodic updates to various stakeholders are an essential part of the IR process. Investors want to understand how the events of the day are shaping the news and have a clear picture of your company’s position and response. Our platform helps you generate reports that provide a range of updates, from macro-level and industry-wide trends, to specific moves that individual companies are making in the media.

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quote Jake Manzake Communications Manager, Livongo
As a newly public company, with a platform and business model different from anything else on the market today, it is more important than ever to inform people about what we do, and why our solution is special. Through strong media relations, we were able to successfully tell our story to a variety of audiences including our clients, Members, reporters, and investors,
Case Study

Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO

In early 2019, Livongo began preparing to go public. Livongo faced an extremely tight IPO timeline, limited resources, and an inherent risk of a backlash from investors and the industry at large due to positioning the IPO as the “litmus test” for the digital health industry. Learn how Livongo used Onclusive to launch an award-winning IPO and measure the results of their strategies.

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