Author Intelligence™

Author Intelligence™

Build your overall media outreach strategy, dynamically,
within one integrated platform

Identify journalists who have the most business impact on your brand

Develop compelling pitches to connect to these authors by understanding the topics they care about across their articles and social activity

Discover more relevant journalists, influencers and bloggers, based on our AI-driven recommendations

Create pitch lists, email journalists and share author notes across your team with a click of a button, empowering your PR workflow

Today we live in a new world of marketing, communications and PR. Instead of only a handful of authors and publications, every blogger is a “journalist” – and there are 5-10,000 new blogs started every day. With Onclusive, discover which of the millions of today’s journalists, influencers and publications can help tell your story and have the most impact on your business – as well as your competitors.

The next step is building relationships with the journalists and publications that are most important to your brand. How do you break through the noise and connect with them in a way that grabs their attention?

With Author Intelligence™ you can leverage our technology to shape and optimize your overall media outreach strategy.

Now that you’ve found exactly which journalists, influencers and publications have the biggest impact on your business – driving most website traffic, social amplification, brand interactions, etc. – you can use Author Intelligence to gain the knowledge that you need to make meaningful connections with the key writers and outlets.

Get to know who they are, what they write about, how often, and in which publications – so that when you reach out, you have a solid strategy. And gain a competitive edge by discovering new authors, including those who are writing for your competitors but not for you.