Advanced media monitoring, measurement, & interactive reporting for the enterprise.

Enterprise Platform Built for Big Needs

Onclusive’s enterprise platform was built for companies with big needs. Our data-driven users measure and analyze all aspects of their communications strategies to help drive results. Monitor, measure, target, strategize and report on your communications strategies with Onclusive.

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Monitor & Measure Your Results

Onclusive’s proprietary news crawler captures over 6 million pieces of digital content every day and has stored over 5 billion articles to date. We deliver the highest quality of coverage of your brand, keywords, and competitors. Our machine learning algorithms deliver the most relevant articles that contribute to your goals. And with unparalleled search and filtering capabilities, platform users can further narrow-in to the coverage that matters most for their specific initiatives.

Deep Analytics & Sophisticated Metrics

Article counts are not enough for our Enterprise users. That’s why we’ve equipped them with the most sophisticated communications metrics available on the market. Use Power of Voice™, which combines relevance, reputation authority, repetition, social amplification and article tone & sentiment into a single metric. Sentiment analysis will measure the sentiment of specific articles, brands and publications.

Engaging Reports Save You Time

Save time by using Onclusive’s intuitive reporting suite. Build custom report templates that can be scheduled to be sent on a regular cadence. Showcase your results in a visually impactful way. Spend more time strategizing, not reporting.

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Media database recommended authors

AI-Powered Media Database

Use Author Intelligence™ to identify influential journalists who cover the topics you care about most, and access robust profiles of more than 2 million authors to create pitch lists and share author notes across your team.

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PR Attribution™

Demonstrate the bottom line impact of your PR using Onclusive’s PR Attribution™. Measure how many times people, after having read a piece of content about your brand, eventually visit your website and which actions they take – including pages visited, content downloaded, sign-ups, and sales.

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Research Competition & Market

Our research tool, Research Trends™, reveals the publications and authors that are most active around a particular topic recently, and reveals which articles are trending the most on social media.

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Ideal for Crisis Communications

When you have a crisis, it’s important to have a platform to help mitigate. Onclusive Enterprise has all of the tools you need at your fingertips to develop, execute and measure your crisis communications strategies.

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Michael Dolmatch Director of Communications, Yext
Yext’s press efforts span regions from North America to Asia, and it can be extremely difficult to measure our coverage metrics globally in a reliable way. It’s critical for my team to have access to advanced metrics to inform our communications strategy, and Onclusive makes this much easier.

PR Attribution™ 101

Without the ability to measure the bottom line impact of PR, communicators only know the amount and scale of media coverage they are getting about their brand. For communications professionals to continue to have a seat at the table, optimize their strategy in alignment with overall business and marketing objectives, and get the credit they deserve and the resources they need, knowing how earned, owned and newswire content drives actual business outcomes has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

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How Experian Unifies Global Communications with Power of Voice™

Experian, a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services with offices in 39 countries, helps millions of consumers and businesses use the power of data and technology to make financial decisions and reduce risk.

Having so many constituents can make external communications a challenge. First, you need to know which stories to tell, then you need a unified way of measuring the quality of those stories at a global scale.

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