Powerful media monitoring & reporting solutions at a price that fits all budgets.

Highly Configurable Solutions

Create a solution that fits your needs. The Onclusive Pro platform can be configured to your needs. We developed our communications solutions to have the ability to scale with a growing company.

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Most Robust Monitoring Solution

Onclusive offers the most robust media monitoring solution on the market. We deliver the highest quality of coverage of your brand, keywords, and competitors. Our machine learning algorithms eliminate irrelevant or spam articles which don’t actually contribute to your goals. And with unparalleled search and filtering capabilities, platform users can further narrow-in to the coverage that matters most for their specific initiatives.

Customize, Alert, Report

Customize your dashboard and data visualization. Full-color reports can be formatted and exported directly from the platform for external sharing. Plus, with the ability to schedule automated rules-based alerts and email digests, you can showcase your work to a broad audience on a regular basis.

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AI-Powered Media Database

Identify influential journalists who cover the topics you care about most, and access robust profiles of more than 2 million authors to create pitch lists and share author notes across your team.

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Reader Engagement & Brand Impact

Measure how much time is being spent with your promoted articles and how much of the articles are being consumed. Then, understand how those articles influence readers and shape brand perception.

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Liz Walton VP of Marketing, Yext
It is incredibly important for the communications team to have the same level of analytical support and sophistication as the rest of our organization. Leveraging Onclusive’s platform has given us valuable, actionable insights to inform our communications decisions on a global scale.”
Case Study

Lucidworks’ Clear Choice: Onclusive for PR Analytics

Lucidworks is a fast-growing company, working on creating a global brand and increasing category awareness for their platform that enables enterprises to connect users with the data that they need to make decisions. Unfortunately, Lucidworks’ marketing department struggled to get actionable information about its own PR efforts. Lucidworks needed a trustworthy partner to quantify the value of their PR and help them justify further investment.

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Livongo: Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Jake Mazanke, Corporate Communications Manager at Livongo, discuss how his team crafted strategic press announcements and unique messaging to generate IPO success, set a standard for coverage across the industry, and tripled their website traffic — and how they used Onclusive to connect their national media campaign to tangible financial results.

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