Understand ROI, mitigate risk, and stay ahead of crises & your competition.
Power of voice measurement

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Monitor your brand and your competitors to better understand the competitive landscape. Analyze trends in the market and then adjust your communications strategies to adjust to marketplace changes.

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Crisis Mitigation & Communication

Don’t be caught flatfooted – Onclusive can help you stay prepared for the next crisis. Using real time alerts, you will receive notifications when your brand is mentioned within an article, and help you understand how news is trending on social media. Proactive crisis mitigation can be performed using our newswire distribution partnership with Business Wire.

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Executive Level Reporting

Save immense amounts of time by creating standard templates for regular reports which can be refreshed or reused for subsequent reporting cycles. The reporting suite also lends itself to everything from communications team information sharing all the way to executive, board and company-wide presentations. Onclusive’s interactive reports make it easy for executives to make informed, actionable decisions based on real data.

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Truly Understand Your ROI

Measure how many times people, after having read a piece of content about your brand, eventually visit your website and which actions they take – including pages visited, content downloaded, sign-ups, and sales – even if there is no backlink in the article.

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Katie Watson VP of Communications, 23andMe
By understanding the business impact of our earned, owned and newswire efforts, we can better shape our broader strategy and make data-driven decisions around the specific content, media strategies, publications and reporters we want to focus on moving forward. PR Attribution™ analysis also provides our leadership with the metrics they want to see, including ROI.

Livongo: Messaging & Media Relations for an Award-Winning IPO

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Jake Mazanke, Corporate Communications Manager at Livongo, discuss how his team crafted strategic press announcements and unique messaging to generate IPO success, set a standard for coverage across the industry, and tripled their website traffic — and how they used Onclusive to connect their national media campaign to tangible financial results.

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Case Study

How 23andMe Uses PR Attribution™ to Drive Business Outcomes

23andMe wanted more than just article numbers and reach in a PR analytics solution. Their team was looking for a way to actually connect their PR to sales. They adopted Onclusive’s PR Attribution™ to understand which content directly impacted the customer journey and key business outcomes, and then evolved their communication strategy based on the best performing messaging, initiatives, publications and reporters.

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