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The online newsroom is your solution to making your job – and the job of the journalists you’re trying to engage – that much easier.

You gain an elegant web solution that removes the faff of uploading press releases to a traditional website content management system and is instead built with your target audience – the media – in mind.

Seamlessly blending with your corporate site, online newsrooms help save time, create impact and increase reach online.

Easy for journalists. Easy for you.



Customisable to your brand.


Meets accessibility requirements.


Fully responsive.


Seamless integration with your website.


Resource library for media-rich content.



Social media scheduling tool.

Smart functionality that saves you time

Online newsrooms contain functionality enabling you to post press releases, add and host media-rich content for journalists to download, and share news to your social media channels all within a matter of seconds.

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Customised to your branding

Choose an express newsroom – great for teams with limited budgets who want a slick, quick solution that stands alone from your corporate website but still reflects your brand identity.

Or use a bespoke newsroom which gives you full control over the layout and functionality, and can sit on a sub-domain of your corporate website. And for maximum impact it can also be customised to your branding.

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Helping to keep your house in order

Online newsrooms are a great solution for keeping your news releases accessible – an external archive helping you keep your team and historic content organised.

Direct journalists to the newsroom to find the information and media-rich resources they need (such as photos and videos). And help increase website traffic at the same time.

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