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Real-time delivery of raw data

Over the last decade, Onclusive has stored more than 6 billion pieces of content, making it the largest communications data set on the planet.

Every day our proprietary newscrawler captures millions of pieces of earned, owned, and newswire content across every geographic region and language.

By tapping into the world’s largest digital newscrawler, you can use our data and create your bespoke user interface.

How we deliver the data is up to you. The flexibility of our Data as a Service (DaaS) solution means it can fit your specific data needs and preferences, whether by API, FTP or RSS.



Receive media results in a format of your choice.


AI and NLP enriched data metrics to demonstrate the results you’re driving.


Merge media data with other data streams and your own reporting environment.


Create your own unique dashboard.

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Structured data metrics

Use our AI and NLP enriched structured data metrics to demonstrate the results you’re driving for your customers. Organise the information according to your specifications, and merge it with other data streams to create a fully unique dashboard.

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Our media data integration solution will deliver your media results in the format that best suits your needs. Whether it’s a direct API that dynamically queries our database, a pre-scheduled data export to an FTP or a continuous RSS feed of search results. Our DaaS solution can be tailored to fit your needs and preferences.

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Manual data enrichment

We can also deliver human-coded content and data to integrate into your marketing models to show the impact of PR and communications on the broader marketing mix.

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