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The volume of media released each day is dramatically increasing, making it difficult for communications professionals to manage and find content that’s relevant to their business.

Onclusive’s media monitoring takes the stress away. We enable you to track and manage your media mentions, reactions and competitor activity efficiently – across every media channel.

Our coverage is world-wide, captured in 104 languages and across over 130 markets.

With so many different types of communications and platforms we provide you with a single place to access your brand coverage. Blogs, posts, podcasts, articles, review sites… we cover them all across the most important social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Linkedin, forums such as Reddit, and more.

As media monitoring experts, Onclusive brings together the most powerful PR analytics and monitoring solution in the world.

Supporting over 9,000 clients – large and small – we have media monitoring solutions to meet all needs so you can be on top of the competition, make the most of trends and improve your business success every step of the way.



Receive breaking news as it lands.


Manage your reputation and online brand mentions.


Keep on top of your competitors.


Access coverage from across the world.

Monitor every media channel

We monitor over 6 million articles across mainstream press, online mentions, social media channels, TV, radio, newswire and international media coverage every day.

With our media monitoring solutions, you have a single place to see all your multi-channel coverage.

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Receive breaking news as it lands

Using intelligent media monitoring, Onclusive works around the clock to filter through millions of media articles from across the world to identify news coverage that’s relevant for your goals – flagging any topics that may impact your brand.

Using data science technology, articles are analysed by our machine-led process to filter articles for your criteria. Each article is analysed for media sentiment, surveying the understanding of your message, tone of voice, relevance and any keywords that are relevant to your business. NLP and AI technology train the system to recognise the news that is most important and relevant to you. Or leave that to Onclusive’s Insight & Consultancy team who will help you make sense of it all.

The news can be delivered at a specific time, or as it lands, straight to your organisation’s communication team.

We deliver your coverage to you in a wide variety of formats, and our standard deliveries are optimised for whatever device you are accessing on, compatible with IOS, Android or Windows, keeping you informed whether you are on the move, at your desk, presenting, or diving deep into the articles – it’s your choice and we’re on your side.

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Track competitors and trending topics

We help protect your brand from unexpected news and competitor activity, so that you can be more successful.

Access a complete view of your brand activity with the highest quality of coverage across your industry. Create email and mobile notifications of keywords, brand mentions and topics that are relevant to your business.

Plus, when it comes to the competition, we’ll keep you on the front foot, with alerts informing you of their press activity and what their people are talking about.

We’ll help you keep on top of what’s important to your business.

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Social Listening Technology

We’re your ‘ear to the ground’, listening out for what people are talking about.

Our global cross-platform monitoring integrates social media and mainstream news in a single platform, including media sentiment analysis that will help understand how your brand is understood in the earned media and social world.

We’ll help you to protect and manage your brand reputation. We use our real time social listening technology to monitor conversations that mention your company, products, competitors, key topics, searches and activity of media influencers.

Get a holistic view of social media platform performance in addition to owned and earned media coverage to prove the total impact of communications on your business, and understand where you need to focus your communications the most.

You can access news faster, easily identifying and sharing relevant contacts, media coverage, analysis and insights – all in real-time.

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Make sense of it all

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Struggling with identifying and curating your media coverage? Our Media Briefings can help.

Want to understand what’s driving your coverage? Delve into our Media Analytics platform and access smart dashboards and metrics to help you uncover your impact.

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