News & Events Forward Planner
Plan with confidence

Plan your announcements and campaigns with confidence using our rich database of future key events and news items up to 12 months ahead.

Armed with this foresight you can understand the stories that will shape tomorrow’s news agenda – allowing you to identify opportunities and avoid risks for your upcoming engagements with the media and other stakeholders.

Land campaigns with maximum impact

Through our News & Events Forward Planning database, we help you identify topical and relevant content in advance.

Identify topics and news hooks that you can use to increase the pick up of your campaigns – and avoid events that will distract from your communications activity.

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Drive improved media engagement

By using the same service as editorial teams across national media outlets, you can engage more effectively with the media, identifying opportunities and avoiding clashes and conflicts for your communications activity.

Approach journalists ahead of a news story going live to increase your coverage, and build more meaningful media relationships.

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Work with full visibility of the future news agenda

Everyday, our research team verifies data from thousands of sources, capturing forthcoming reports, surveys, launches, financial results, legislative announcements and industry conferences.

With a comprehensive and up-to-date view of news and events, you can plan with confidence and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Create a bespoke calendar planner

Add news items and campaigns to our bespoke calendar planner tool. It combines your own events and the items in Onclusive’s News & Events Forward Planner for a single, complete view of the communications activity relevant to your business – both internal and external.

Share across your internal teams to keep everyone informed of the upcoming news agenda and your upcoming campaign plans, helping avoid potential clashes and identify opportunities for cross-team collaboration. Set different permissions for team members to access or edit the calendar planner.


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Use intuitive search, filter and alert functionality

Search by business, industry, event type and geography to pinpoint the future events and news items that will impact your business and campaign planning, including competitor activity.

Create customised searches and set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts. Share searches with colleagues with ease.

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