Campaign & Brand Evaluation
Capture the full impact of your campaign

With so much competition for attention, it can be easy to lose track of your brand impact amongst the noise. It’s imperative that you understand how your brand is resonating with your target audience, and how your communications efforts and campaigns are contributing to your brand presence. We’ll help you understand how your campaign and brand is being perceived by the media.

We evaluate the impact of your campaign and the contribution they make to your brand values. These studies build a picture of your campaign performance against targets and versus previous campaigns. We also highlight any weaknesses or gaps in your coverage and whether any specific messages or aspects of the campaign are particularly strong. This will help you understand the competitive context of your media impact.



Personal review and assessment of your coverage.


Automated insights around the tone of your coverage.


Identify topics that work and validate content most valuable to your brand.


Identify opportunities.

Measure campaign impact

We know that measuring only the outputs of a campaign doesn’t help our clients demonstrate the impact of communications in the real world. As such, we integrate campaign outputs with other sources of data to establish the impact of your campaigns. These sources could include social and stakeholder engagement, web visitation, search, sales, brand equity studies and many other datasets.

Using human expertise and automation, we review each piece of your coverage. We can then assess the messages, media sentiment and impact to understand the return on investment against your key performance indicators. We can provide this qualitative analysis of any media channel – print, online, broadcast and social.

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Understanding sentiment

Accurate sentiment understanding is critical when researching topics and subjects relating to companies’ communication strategies. Our global sentiment analysis uses artificial intelligence to deliver automated insights around the tone of your earned media coverage to help you sharpen communications.

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Discovering unexpected insights

We use the best mix of AI and human understanding to derive insights from your media content. The scale and speed offered by automated analytics are complemented by the nuance and context of human analysis. This allows us to focus on how well your own communications efforts are serving your brand and reputation, to understand where competitors are winning and losing and to scan the horizon for emerging themes.

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