Power of Voice™
Measure the quality of your earned media placements, publications and journalists

Understand the quality — not just quantity — of your communications

It’s no longer enough to count the number of articles and mentions because not all of them drive real business results for your brand. Enter Power of Voice™, which combines relevance, reputation authority, social media amplification, and article tone and sentiment into a single, real-time metric.




Combines key elements into one single metric.


Understand the media sentiment and how it changes before, during and after key events.


Identify the most relevant journalists and publications and create a media list for pitches or targeted purposes.

Track brand sentiment over time

If brand perception is one of your KPIs, track Power of Voice™ over time as a key indicator. It’ll help you understand how media sentiment around your brand has changed over time. You can link changes in sentiment to specific events, building an understanding of how key moments affect your communications.


Build an impactful pitch list and target media List

Use Power of Voice™ to identify impactful journalists and publications. Once you’re clear on who provides the most value for your brand, you can add them to a tailored Pitch List or Target Media List.