Natural language processing (NLP)
Managing the explosion of global digital content

As ambassadors of the world’s leading data science technology, our proprietary news crawler uses natural
language processing applications to interpret a cross-platform media analysis of over 6 million articles
every day.

Through the combination of three key processes, natural language processing (NLP), AI monitoring
solutions and our machine learning (ML) model – articles are delivered, ready for further analysis.

The result, consistent, comprehensive and unbiased machine led data that delivers the most relevant
information as and when you need it. Paired with our PR Analytics tools, you have the best data to
analyse, identifying your audience, topic and trend for future PR activity.



Machine-led categorisation of over 6m articles per day.


Cross-platform media analysis.


Multilingual sentiment analysis that supports 104 languages.


Comprehensive and consistent data.


Advanced insights that accompany our developed tools Power of Voice™ and PR Attrition™ metrics.

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Consistent Data

The capability of the proprietary news crawler has been refined by our NLP applications and AI monitoring solutions to make it the most advanced news crawler in the market.

Media distribution is ever expanding, with more digital and social media content pushed out every day. In fact, our proprietary news crawler reads 33TB of media data every day – more than some social media platforms process!

It would be physically impossible to manually process this data consistently on our own, so that’s why our AI monitoring solution is always learning, making the analysis more intelligent as the volume of articles increases – providing the most consistent and comprehensive data available as and when you need it.



The combination of NLP and AI monitoring solutions will confirm the authenticity of the publication and how much social media engagement it earned – whether through likes, shares, comments or retweets.

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Media Sentiment Analysis

Data is processed through our proprietary Global Sentiment Analysis using NLP and AI to deliver automated insights around the tone of earned media coverage, supporting 104 languages.

Articles will be evaluated for relevance, tone and sentiment towards your brand.

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The data output from our NLP-led models provides our clients with the most advanced insights and analytics, ahead of anything else in the industry. The Onclusive analytic tools provide the most powerful solution available, including our own developed and trademarked Power of Voice™ and PR Attribution™ tools, made to measure the quality of communications content and its actual bottom-line impact.

One of the best measures of quality, and a key factor within the Power of Voice™ metric, is the tone and sentiment of media coverage over time. Further, accurate sentiment understanding is critical when researching topics and subject matter related to companies’ communications strategies.

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