Social Trends

Understand What is Trending in the Media and on Social Platforms

Find Influential Publications & Authors

Our research tool, Research Trends™, surfaces the publications and authors that are most active around a particular topic recently, and reveals which articles are trending.

Amplify your earned media

Capture Social Amplification Trends

Quickly understand which articles are being amplified and engaged with on social media.

Understand & Evolve

Results can be filtered by the articles that mention a company or their competitors to see who is owning a particular conversation, and where there are opportunities to inject into the discourse.

Multidimensional Search

Use Onclusive Research Trends™ to search content in real-time and discover:

  • Article frequency trends
  • Social amplification trends
  • How many articles on a topic mention you vs. your competitors
  • What terms are co-mentioned with that topic
  • Which publications are discussing that topic
  • Which authors are writing about that topic
Sarah Roy Data and Insights Lead, Airbnb
At the end of the day, we wanted to inspire someone who hasn’t considered heritage travel before. With advanced analytics from Onclusive, we now know that once people are exposed to the Heritage Travel earned or owned content, they are more interested in learning about their roots with 23andMe and more likely to take a heritage trip with Airbnb.

How 23andMe Uses PR Attribution™ to Drive Key Business Outcomes

The ability to attribute the impact of content to actual business outcomes is the link that has long been missing from PR measurement. Yet, pinpointing which stories get people to take action is critical to developing winning PR and content strategies. That’s why Onclusive invented PR Attribution™ and, as a result of analyzing billions of articles and evolving its attribution technology over the last eight years, has the most comprehensive and accurate solution available today.

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