Three Copyright Challenges for PR Professionals on an International Scale





In our last blog post in this two-parts series, we discussed ‘What is Copyright Licensing and Why is it Important for PR and Communications Professionals?’  This time we’re examining the three copyright challenges facing PR and comms teams on an international scale. 

What happens if you work for a brand with a global market? Perhaps you have PR teams across the globe. In this instance, your local teams will have national copyright licences in place. But let’s assume that your team manages PR centrally. You’ve run a campaign that spans across Europe, or your campaign has resulted in press coverage in another country. Great news, right?  

There’s a ‘but’.  

Your existing copyright licences from the NLA, CLA, or NLI don’t necessarily give you the right to copy or share coverage from a publisher in another country, but there are some exceptions. For example, an NLA licence in the UK covers copyright for over 8,000 international titles across Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg, and Spain. You just need to check which titles are included on the NLA website.  

Unfortunately, there is no option to buy a global copyright licence . . . wouldn’t that be a dream?  

So, if your organisation wants to copy or share coverage from publishers in other countries that aren’t covered by your local Collective Management Organisation (CMO), you may also need a licence from the CMOs in those respective countries where copyright regulations can vary. 

International copyright challenges #1: The process of obtaining a foreign licence 

Many organisations think that subscribing to foreign licences is too complex; sometimes legal departments don’t like working outside of their national parameter. And from an independent publisher or CMO point of view, they often view foreign licensing as a niche market that doesn’t need their attention. 

International copyright challenges #2: Access to content and coverage 

In countries such as the Netherlands, legally you must access third party platforms. For example, to access German media coverage, you’ll need a licence from the German CMO, PMG. Confusing right? Don’t worry, whatever the situation, we’ll help you to find the best solution! 

International copyright challenges #3: Cost 

Copyright licensing can suddenly become very costly when you account for all the individual licences you need to ensure international compliance. In the UK it can feel particularly expensive as pricing models are substantially more costly than in mainland Europe 

However, if you’re a business with a global outlook, you must be able to showcase global coverage and prove PR campaign success. So, what’s the solution? You do the research and find out exactly what licences you need for your organisation to feel confidently compliant. Or you use an expert who can turn a compliancy headache into a frictionless, cost-effective process. And we have the best experts to help you. 

If you’re ready to become copyright confident on an international scale, join us for our webinar on 26th April with our in-house copyright experts, who’ll be sharing how to make copyright compliance a cost efficient and frictionless process for your organisation.

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