May 25, 2023 10:00 am


Backstage: How PR Managers are Powered by Onclusive

Watch our webinar to discover the key use cases of Onclusive PR Manager and how it can boost your Comms efforts.


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PR Manager

Take advantage of the breadth of our PR service suite…

From media monitoring and PR Manager, through to evaluation and crisis detection; we provide all the tools you need to better deliver your communications strategy.

In our live webinar, you can hear the success stories of:

  • HSE who uses PR Manager’s full suite of tools to find and track relationships with the most relevant journalists as well as to push our proactive communications.
  • Linen Mills who uses the media contact database and media-rich content hub to distribute content and track how well it performed using the monitoring integration.

Apply their key tips to get the best out of Onclusive PR Manager.

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