Competitor & Risk Analysis
The insight to navigate your global media environment

The sheer complexity and pace of change in today’s media can make it difficult to know where to start. Onclusive’s media consultancy team works with you to identify the most active and relevant news and social media channels, and the key narratives driving debate.

We also analyse reactions to your peers and competitors, searching for the white space where you can engage on new issues first. Plus we actively seek out risks so you can mitigate the impact of new threats to your reputation.



Identify the media platforms and authors talking about you and your competitors.


Understand the drivers of positive engagement and the media issues most relevant to your reputation.


Know who to talk to – identify target influencers and audiences within mainstream and social media.

Media Landscape Analysis

Our consultancy team works with you to analyse your media environment accurately, identifying the media channels and authors most relevant to your communications objectives. The results deliver a solid base of evidence to inform strategy and planning, providing you with the tools to target resources effectively and maximise the impact of your communications.

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Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are just as determined as you to build a strong presence in the media and to put themselves first in the minds of your target audience. What are your competitors doing and is it working? 

Our consultancy team analyses media reaction to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and to create benchmarks to assess your own performance.

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Opportunity & Risk Analysis

As well as explaining why your media strategy is working well now, our analysis can discover new engagement opportunities and detect previously unknown risks to your reputation, including fake news and misinformation.

If there is something you need to know about, our consultancy team will brief you on how the discussion is evolving and where it is gaining traction in mainstream and social media.

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